Competitive advantages of the precision casting process

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Investment casting has the most comprehensive competitive advantage among many casting process methods: high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, suitable for complex shapes, can be used for a variety of alloys, and flexible production batches. Because of this, investment precision castings cover almost all areas of industrial production and become an important means of forming metal parts.

The reason why investment casting can produce high-quality standard castings stems from its unique and complex production process. From pressing, wax model, shell, casting, cleaning, post-processing to inspection, there are many procedures and long procedures. At the same time, it also stems from higher and higher standards for materials, equipment, and environmental inputs, such as high-quality molding materials, shell materials, high-performance wax presses, mold-making chambers, and shell-making chambers. Strictly control the environmental temperature and humidity, etc.

Investment casting development strength (relatively) high added value. The addition of the word “relative” indicates that it is not only aviation and military products that have high added value. In any field, there are relatively high value-added products. As long as the product is “only investment technology can be made” or “using other processes, such as special processing, although it can be done, the cost is much higher than the investment casting process.” Such products must be able to obtain high added value.


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The (relatively) high value-added products produced by investment casting should generally have one or more of the following characteristics:
①The product is an ordinary alloy, but the dimensional accuracy is high;
②The shape is complex and other processes are difficult to achieve;
③Small and medium batches, even single pieces;
④ Titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, and other alloys that are difficult to form by casting processes.


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Post time: Dec-17-2021