Characteristics and performance of various stainless steel valves

Stainless steel valve is made of stainless steel, with handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric and other transmission structures, flexible and light switch. Compact structure, light weight, easy insulation and installation. Connection mode: welding, thread and flange are available for users to choose. It has excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel valve is developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with the actual situation in China. It is made in China instead of imported to fill the domestic gap. It is widely used in the fields of long-distance transmission pipelines such as natural gas, petroleum, heat supply, chemical industry and thermal power pipe network.

Stainless Steel Elbow

At present, among the widely used stainless steel valves, stainless steel butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve and stop valve are obviously used in the market.

Stainless steel butterfly valve adopts three eccentric and multi-level metal hard sealing structure, which is widely used in metal treatment, electric power, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage, municipal construction and other industrial pipelines with medium temperature ≤ 425 ℃ for regulating flow and carrying off fluid.

The working principle of stainless steel ball valve is to make the valve unblocked or blocked by rotating the valve. The ball valve has the advantages of light switch, small volume, large diameter, reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The sealing surface and spherical surface are often closed and are not easy to be eroded by the medium. It is widely used in various industries.

The stainless steel stop valve has the functions of diversion, cut-off, regulation, throttling, check, diversion or overflow pressure relief. Valves used for fluid control range from the simplest stop valve to various valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems. The nominal diameter of valves ranges from extremely small instrument valves to industrial pipeline valves with a diameter of 10m.

Stainless steel gate valves can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as water, steam, oil, gas, mud, various corrosive media, liquid metal and radioactive fluid.

Mold room

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Post time: May-27-2022